Guides to Fees

MLG Associates offer a free, confidential and without obligation initial consultation to help you understand your options for the future of your business.

Where MLG Associates are appointed in formal insolvency proceedings, (e.g. Administrator, Liquidator, Trustee in bankruptcy, or Supervisor of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or Corporate Voluntary Arrangement) our fees are normally charged on a time cost basis, as set out in our charging policy below. Additional guidance on fees is provided by the Insolvency industry’s professional body, R3, also provided below.

Where MLG Associates undertake any other form of assignment, charges will be agreed with the client before work is commenced.

MLG Associates Charging Policy

R3 Guide to Liquidators' Fees

R3 Guide to Administrators' Fees

R3 Guide to Voluntary Arrangement Fees

R3 Guide to Trustees in Bankruptcy Fees